360° technical and production control

PRÉCIREX TECHNOLOGIES masters a modern, high-performance and fully industrialised machine park for each of its areas of expertise: bar turning, punch cutting, high-pressure deburring, grinding, sand blasting, bead blasting, tribofinishing, felt polishing, shot peening, flat or cylindrical lapping, laser marking.

Pièces mécaniques manufacturées

Our specialised capabilities for the precision and finishing of your parts

Bar turning

  • 15 numerically controlled and traditional machines


  • Cutting lines
  • Bending and punching of copper bars (Busbar)

0.3 to 200 mm diameter grinding

  • 80 grinding machines
  • Specialised know-how in centreless and inter-tip grinding
  • External (exter) and internal (inter) grinding

Tribofinishing from diameter 0.3 to 200 mm

  • 70 tribofinishing machines
  • 6 machines dedicated to the medical sector
  • Over 200 types of abrasive available

Sandblasting and polishing

  • 30 machines (min. roughness 0.4 µm)
  • 5 machines dedicated to implantable medical devices
  • Robotic polishing cells